Learn to make clothes to fit and suit your body shape @sewgoodwithsue

Learn how to make tailored clothes

Designed and made to flatter and fit you perfectly

Women shopping for plus-size clothing know how hard it is to find pre-made garments that fit their specific bodies. Learn how to make your own and how to  get the perfect fit.

It’s a common problem for plus-size women and petite women: ready-made garments are just not made to fit every woman who wears the size. 

Come and learn how to adjust your patterns to get a fit for real people.

If you’re tired of searching through racks of clothes you know aren’t going to fit right when you take them into the fitting room, if you’re tired of picking between decent fit and real style, it’s time you opt for exactly what your body – and fashion sense – need.

What makes Sew Good the better option is that Sue knows the best methods for measuring your figure and how to alter a pattern and get the correct fit in a  garment for any woman. Sue can take that look you crave and apply it to pattern so that every contour is complimented or concealed just how you would like it to be.

Remember, no one woman’s body is exactly like another’s, so why keep struggling to find clothes made for a “general” figure in mind?

Sue’s philosophy is to provide experience in how to achieve custom-fit clothing by adapting any pattern to suit each student, helping every student feel beautiful no matter what her shape.

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