Dressmaking classes


Learn how to make a garment or outfit very individual. Make garments to suit your shape and style and learn how to get the correct fit.

Sew Good is your one-stop-shop for the very best

  • Adult sewing classes,
  • Teenage sewing classes.
  • children’s sewing classes
  •  Individual sewing tuition
  • Sewing machine Tuition.
  • 7-14 year old sewing classes
  • School Holiday classes are available


  • Private one on one classes.
  • Or you can organise a group of your friends maximum of four students tailored to each student.
  • Individual tuition
  • Individual with a friend or two
  • I am available to come to your house if you are unable to travel or would prefer me to.

Whether it is absolute / basic beginners or more advanced sewing / dressmaking skills you are after.
Learn to sew or advance your existing skills, in a relaxed and friendly environment.
In these classes, you will be taught sewing methods based on industrial shortcuts adapted for the home machine – enabling you to have a full understanding of construction methods, materials, and the sewing machine.

EMBELLISHMENT IDEASFor More Advanced Students:

  • Learn to enhance your garments with Machine embroidery, basics and advanced
  • Learn to enhance your garments with creative embellishment techniques
  • Fabric flower making
  • Hat trimming

VCE Product Design and Technology

  • VCE Folio hep and advice for Product Design and Technology 2012
  • VCE Product Design and Technology exam preparation
  • Folio interview preparation
  • Fashion illustration
  • Choosing the best sewing machine for your needs
  • Learning to use and understand your machine or over locker
  • Using the computer to enhance your folio
  • Photoshop, illustrator, In Design help.
  • VCE Product Design and Technology Tutor

Cancellation Policy

email me at:

Sew Good is your one-stop-shop for the very best Adult Sewing classes, Teenager Sewing classes or individual sewing or sewing machine Tuition.

Based in Brighton, 3186
© sewgoodwithsue 2021

4 responses to “Dressmaking classes

  1. Hi there. I’m a beginner who has my own sewing machine but doesn’t know how to use it!! I’m looking to get lessons on all the basics of how to use my sewing machine, using patterns (& perhaps even how to make my own patterns or alter existing pattern) & dressmaking. Would the sewing for beginners class be the best option first off? And could you please give me a price (even a rough estimate) please?

    Also, when would the next couple if classes commence? I’ve been searching for classes a lot & many of them start next year, however I’d love to begin within the next week or so!

    Many thanks,



  2. Hello

    My name is Trish. My 10 year old daughter is very keen to learn fashion design. She wants to learn how to draw and design dresses. Are you able to give us some advise and do you offer this service?
    Many thanks


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