Top Designs student work


Tutu. Boned bodice in pure silk features free machine embroidery, photo inserts and beading. TuTu features black satin bias bound edges on many various levels



Top Designs on face book

Melbourne Museum Top Designs


Crazy Patchwork gown features embellished patches in many various techniques


Pure Wool tailored coat with free machine embroidered design at the hem-line.


Crazy patchwork gown. Each patch features various forms of embellishment: machine embroidery, woven rouleau loops, plating, machine embroidered lace, hand embroidery etc..

Tu Tu

Structures bodice in silk with boning, features free motion machine embroidery, binding beading and photo inserts. Tutu plate features machine embroidery, beading and binding. Tulle netting TuTu has many layers with black satin bias binding.


Evening gown

Evening gown features over-skirt and train made of free motion machine embroidered lace. Bodice has machine embroidered lace design. Simple bolero jacket.

Gown and Jacket Front View

Bolero Jacket and gown bodice front feature machine embroidered lace motifs.

Katrina Collery and outfit2

katrina back view

Rochelle Selleck

Madi Boyd

Jill Clinch

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