Class requirements

For classes bring along your sewing machine. (I do have three machines for class use @ $5.00 per class, however, it really is best for you to learn to use your own Machine. (If you intend to buy a machine I can offer you advice). The sewing machine I recommend for beginners is the Janome 18W Excel

You need a basic sewing kit consisting of:

  • Notebook and pen
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric dressmakers scissors
  • paper scissors
  • grease proof paper (from IGA supermarket , multix or black and gold) or tracing paper to trace pattern pieces
  • Packet of Schmetz Universal no. 12/80 machine needles or 11/75 if sewing fine fabric
  • Packet of hand sewing needles
  • Packet of glass head pins (extra long and thin)Glassheadpins.pngthese SewParts pins are the best available and you can buy them from Darn Cheap Fabrics
  • (Korbond brand from Coles supermarkets are good) please do not buy pearl head pins as they are very poor quality and often blunt.
  • Gutermann sewing thread  SEW ALL– white or black or to match fabric
    gutterman Gutterman Sewing threads
  • Quick unpick
  • Blue or pink or white tailors chalk pencil
  • Frixion pens (pilot brand) are great as they disappear with heat (available in Woolworths or Office works )
  • tailors chalk / carbon paper (I recommend the ‘Burda’ Dressmakers carbon paperburdacarbonpaper
    Carbon / Tracing paper Carbon / Tracing paper
  • marking / tracing wheel ( to use with dressmakers carbon paper)
  • 2 bobbins (to suit your machine)
  • 50 cm iron on lightweight/ medium weight interfacing or shapewell non iron
  • .5 metre calico fabric or scrap fabric
  • pattern and notions (see advice below)
  • Janome plastic bobbin if you are using my machine
  • Basic sewing tools


Commercial pattern (Very Easy if you are a beginner)

When choosing a pattern:

You cannot rely on your ready-to-wear size when selecting a pattern size. Your best bet is to record your basic body measurements and refer to them when it’s time to buy your pattern. Err on the larger size as you can always take it in but it is difficult to make it larger.

*I usually find that you need to go one to two sizes down on commercial pattern as far as the pattern companies suggested measurements, depending on your figure type* For example your pattern measurements may tell you you are a size 16 but most likely you will be a size 14/12.

  • If you are a beginner I recommend you choose a pattern suited to woven fabrics
  • Fabric and notions to suit project (See pattern envelope) or email me if you are not sure
  • Gutermann all purpose thread to match fabrics chosen fabric
  • Any notions needed for your project
    • e.g.: zipper, lace, elastic, interfacing, lining, buttons, hooks etc

Sew Good with Sue established February 2012

email me at:

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2 responses to “Class requirements

  1. Hi, my name is Sharon, and am looking for everything that you appear to advertise

    I live in Brighton East and really want to learn how to sew professionally, is this something you can help me with.

    Regards Sharon Arnephy


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