School holiday sewing classes Melbourne

Over the coming school holidays I will be running daily sewing classes for students aged 8 – 18.

Contact me on 0408140796 if you are interested.

You can come to join a group class, create your own class as a mother and daughter or nan and grandaughter, group of friends

daughter or single IMG_5914 IMG_5876 IMG_5960 IMG_5968 IMG_6140 IMG_6217 IMG_6219 IMG_6264 henry IMG_6396 IMG_6529 IMG_6778 IMG_6779 IMG_6784 IMG_6789 IMG_7024 IMG_7062 IMG_6980 IMG_7014 IMG_7022 IMG_7109 IMG_7106 IMG_7111 IMG_7117 IMG_7608_2 IMG_7613_2 IMG_7620 IMG_7615_2 IMG_7639

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