Sew Guys Sew Macho

Guys do you want to learn how to take up your jeans or trousers? Sew on a button? If I can get a group of guys interested, I will run a sewing class for you.

Sew Guys, Sew Macho is a stepping- stone course for men who want to get their foot on the sewing machine pedal and learn how to mend and or tailor their own jeans and shirts

The men-only class  will have maximum of five members

Starting at the beginning. The first thing we’re going to be doing is going over how to use a sewing machine. We’ll be threading it, talking about stitches, all the basics. Then we’re going to be learning about hemming, then we’ll go on to mending. Then if we’ve got time, we might go on to sewing buttons.

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