January Review from Penny emailed to me tonight

Sew Good sewing classes started off as an interest and hobby but has since has changed my life.  I didn’t even have a working machine when I started SewGood sewing classes.  Sue was very generous lending her machine until I found & purchased a new one of my own (which she also helped me with). I barely knew how to thread a machine before I started sewing classes.  But with Sue’s kind and patient guidance I soon learnt about the grain of fabrics, cutting, reading patterns, different stitches and seams and much much more.  Sewing with Sue is very relaxed in a comfortable and friendly environment.  What I gained in knowledge that I’m now using for my business is beyond what I ever thought I would learn.  So if learning to sew has ever interested you, do not hesitate to give it a go with SewGood sewing classes.  Thanks Sue, I have loved every minute of sewing with you!


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