School holiday sewing classes

School holidays are almost here. Classes are available for 8-18 year olds interested in learning to sew.

Book now to secure a place for your daughter

  • If you have a sewing machine bring it. Otherwise you can use mine

If you have never sewn before or not sewn for a while you will need for the first class:

  • 50cm of calico or plain cotton fabric. (old pillowcase or sheet or shirt for the fabric will do)
  • contrast thread
  • bobbins
  • dressmaking scissors
  • glass head pins

If you have a good understanding of the sewing machine and neatening methods you can start a sewing project. You might like to alter something you already have or start a new simple project from scratch.

for this you will need

  • Pattern, (If you are a very beginner a simple pattern to start with like pyjama pants, elastic waisted skirt or simple dress) (I do not recommend patterns suited to only stretch fabric for beginners)
  • Fabric
  • gutterman thread
  • machine bobbins
  • shapewell or interfacing
  • dressmaking scissors
  • glass head pins
  • schmetz machine needles
  • hand sewing needles
  • any notions as required on pattern envelope back.
  • Tape measure
  • Quick un pick

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